About Us

We reopened in May 14th after being closed due to COVID-19 pandemic. Check on new temporary hours:
Monday - Saturday: 11 AM - 7 PM / Sunday: 12 AM - 6 PM
Our Vision

We are all aware that fruit and vegetables are good for health and everyone appreciate the opportunity to feel the amazing benefits of natural products.

That is why we are offering fresh natural beverages and food that are high in nutritional value and quality, and have great tasting to satisfy the biggest criteria of them all.

Besides what you’d expect from a juice bar, we aim to make our customers feel just that little bit better.

Our history

In 2015 a friend of our family invited us to visit Naples, Florida. Immediately we got in love with this attractive city and decided to settle here to rise our children. Also we found the opportunity to establish the business we always wanted.

Today, we can offer carefully prepared and fresh healthy drinks and food to all of our customers at the Boost Juice Bar, just as we do daily for our family.

Our Team


Chef & Owner